Some Interesting Sweepstakes

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Over at they have sweepstakes going on that you may be interested in. I know that I sure was! They have partnered with HP to give away a free wireless printer. Basically all you have to do is write a comment concerning why you would want one. Now that’s easy enough! Check out the details and enter to win at

For those who have a sweet tooth (like me) some bloggers have teamed up with M&M to give away free bags of their new gourmet M&M’s. How lovely. You can read about it and enter to win at The M&M’s.

So go ahead and browse, then enter. Let me know if you win!

A Word About Comments

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Oh, come on, now. Since when do I write “a word” about anything?

Tonight I am writing to discuss Comments on this blog. With the change in the design of the site, some of you may not realize the Comment section may have moved. It is currently at the bottom of the post. This may change with each design change, but fear not, dear reader! Comments are still allowed and welcomed on this site! (of course, I reserve all rights to delete comments as I see fit. That’s what being an administrator to the site is all about!)

So how do you leave a comment? Look for the words “Leave a Comment.” If someone already left a comment (yay!) then look for the words “2 Comments,” or “3 Comments” or “875,486 Comments”!
Usually the words will be in a link color, like a green, blue, etc. That’s a clue you can count on.

Once you click on the link, you’ll be brought to a page so you can leave a comment. You may have to register your e-mail address at first, and your comment may not appear right away. That’s ’cause I like to torture you. Just kidding! That’s ’cause I review all comments prior to posting on the blog. Must keep out all of those Penis Enlargement ads, etc.

Once you are approved as a commenter, future comments should appear right away.

Now, for those of you who like to use gravatars, my site is set up for that. HUH????

Yeah, that’s right. A Gravatar is an image you can associate with your e-mail address, so that every time you leave a comment or post to a blog or forum, the image is shown. Many people already know about Avatars, and I used to use them on a forum, too. Gravatars are one step up from that, and are Globally recognized. What does that mean? Well, should you ever leave a comment on a blog from Australia or TimbuckTwo, your picture will appear next to your comment. Pretty cool, heh?

Want to see how it works? Check out the comments on this post. I posted a comment with the picture of when I was a Chatterbox, just for fun.

Want to know how you can do it?

Go to

all of the info on this is posted on their site, as well as easy directions to set up your own.

So go ahead, my dear readers. Start commenting and let’s see your Gravatar!


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What is Twitter and why do I have it on my page? Well, Twitter is a way to communicate with your friends and let them know what you are doing any time you feel like telling them.

“Why don’t you just call them and tell them?”, you may ask. Well, that would be too ordinary, and who even uses the telephone anymore? With the advent of text messaging, I simply text to most people now. Why get personal when you don’t have to? LOL!

On this website, I am able to use Twitter to post an immediate message about such things as “I just picked at my toes,” or “I just won the lottery and I’m off to Italy.”

Whenever I feel like sharing and there’s no one around, I can use Twitter as my personal sounding board. And you can check in with me anytime to see what I’m doing just by viewing this website.

Where is it on this site? Look on the right side for the block of words: “What am I doing….” and you’ll find it.

Just one more way for me to communicate with you!

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