Vlog on Spitting

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Today’s vlog (that’s blogging with a video) concerns one of my pet peeves: spitting. In this installment of Coffee Talk With Windy, I speak on the subject and offer an alternative for those who feel the need to hawk a loogie in public.

What’s your opinion? Comment back and let me know!

Click here for the YouTube link to a video demonstrating Dung Spitting in South Africa.

p.s.– There was a thunderstorm going on while I was making this video. If you listen closely, you can hear the rain and then thunder in the background. Don’t worry, I’m surge protected! LOL

Whaddya Say?

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Although I’ve lived on Long Island for over twenty years now (Yikes!) I still find myself amused and sometimes confused by the idioms people use here. Growing up in New England, we had our own group of sayings and they made sense.

For instance, when we wanted to ask someone to come over to our house at ten o’clock, we said simply “come over to our house at ten o’clock.” Here on Long Island, however, you say “Come by the house at ten.”

The word “by” is used as an editing feature in many expressions here. We just don’t have time to go into long explanations.

I remember when I first moved to L.I., people would actually roll their eyes at me, impatiently waiting for me to make my point. Oh, they loved the accent, and I heard “You’re not from here, are you?” so many times that I wanted to wear a sign on my chest broadcasting “I’m from Massachusetts!”

Over the years I’ve developed a slight L.I. accent, sometimes still mixed in with New England “aaaahhhs”.

I’ve learned to say “coughee” instead of “caffee”, but I still slip up sometimes. I found this especially true when ordering a french vanilla coffee at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru. For some reason, no matter which DD I go to, the person inside taking my order cannot understand me when I say “coffee.”  This always amazes me, because what do they think I am ordering? Coconuts?  Never-the-less, when I change it up and over-emphasize the word, pretending to be Mike Meyers doing his Mother character, I am fully understood. Go figure.

The same holds true when I am in Massachusetts, except that even when I say “caffee” there now, people laugh and say “I love your New York accent!”. I can’t get away from it. Perhaps I should drink tea.

One expression that really makes no sense to me here on Long Island is the “chicken without a head” statement. The first time I heard someone use that here, I laughed until I cried. Still to this day, it brings a smile to my face when I hear it used in a sentence. I want to shout “People, you’re not saying that right.” But alas, no one here on L.I. waits long enough for me to explain my reasoning.

And then I got a new webcam. I woke up one morning and decided to test it out, so I made a video, explaining, in my terms, what the correct expression is concerning that chicken without a head thing. Yes, these are the thoughts that go through my mind, and they’re my thoughts, so just go along with them, okay??

In my pajamas, no less, with my hair un-brushed, and my voice still throaty from sleep, I made a video. I don’t suggest this for anyone else. But for me, it was fun. Besides, I was un-employed at the time, and had nothing better to do with my time.

I’ve posted the video here for your entertainment. It’s not meant to be serious, by the way. I wanted it to be funny. Take a listen to the way I say “coffee” and you’ll see that I mix it up. That’s just me. I’m a mixture.


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