The Adventure Continues–Wilmington

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I start the job in Wilmington on Monday. Today I packed what I needed, and then some! I just didn’t know what to bring because I really don’t know when I will get a day or two off to go back to Raleigh yet. After packing, I headed off to WIlmington. It’s a crazy time and I’m trying to just go with this to see what will happen. But it’s not in my nature not to have a definate plan, so I’m “at my wits end” most of the time.

Thank God that my cousin and her husband are allowing me to stay with them until I can figure things out. Who knows how long it will be, but for now I’m giving this whole thing a try. I really don’t have much of a choice in the matter anyway!

So I’m sure I’ll have stories to tell in the future. Hopefully I’ll be able to write on a consistent basis and keep up with the blog.

I already miss my family back in Raleigh, and I’ve only been gone a few hours. But I must trust that God has the plan, and I will find out about it as each day unfolds!

 The scripture I’m leaning on at this moment is Proverbs 3:5-6.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.”

The NIV version of that scripture states that “He will make your paths straight.” So even though I’ve been feeling like my path has taken so many turns, and several ups and downs since the beginning of this journey, I am confident that somehow God will straighten the whole situation. I’ll be on the perfect path that He has made for me as long as I continue to listen and pray.

Tomorrow I’ll go to work with the intent to please God in all that I do. Acknowledging Him first in my life puts everything and everyone else in perspective. It’s a new road for me once again. Another opportunity to show God’s love and mercy. With those thoughts at the forefront, I know that all will be okay.

On another note, you will see ads on my blog once again. No need to click unless you are interested in the materials. There will also be references to other blogs in the network, which you may want to check out!

Guest Blogger Shares Advice on Moving

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For the last several days I’ve been homesick. Well, not sick for the place, but the people. I miss my friends and relatives from the Northeast. I shared my thoughts with a fellow blogger. She’s a teenager who wrote a blog about her experience a while ago. I asked if I could post her advice here on my site and she said “yes.”

Some of you may recognize the post from her blog. I took the liberty to edit some things, such as the places, just for her protection. You just never know what some people will say or do these days…

Here is her advice:

This is the blog that is for anyone who is moving. But not just that, it is for someone to read so they know how hard it is to move, because a lot of people have no idea what that feels like. Moving is the worst thing that could happen if you’re in middle school. Well maybe for some people it isn’t, but it definitely was for me.

When I moved to [area removed by Windy] I thought it would be awesome. I thought it would be great, a new beginning. Believe it or not I really wanted to move. I was ready for new people. I wanted to meet new people and see new things. So going into the move I was excited and ready. For the first 3 weeks I wasn’t in school and so I was ready to start. I wanted to see the people here and meet them.

But then the first day rolled around and I found myself standing all alone in the middle of the hallway watching and hearing the people around me whispering and saying “Eww, look there is a new girl she is so ugly.” (well maybe I’m over exaggerating just a little) but I know that is what they wanted to say. So while I was all alone I said to myself, “this is the total opposite of what I expected this to be,” and it was.

I went through the entire school day alone not knowing anyone. Occasionally someone would talk to me and they would be nice, but then I never heard from them again. But then over time I made friends and it was cool. Still, in the back of my mind I was not satisfied, because it killed me to know that back [where I moved from] I knew everyone and everyone knew me and they all liked me. We had so many memories that I didn’t have here and it was literally killing me to know that.

 I kept telling myself I have to move on, but I just couldn’t. And then I started to make some friends that I could call friends and it was good. By the end of the school year I was fine and I am fine now.

I have some advice to people who are moving: don’t be shy like I was, because I was scared when that wasn’t really who I was. Be yourself. If that is shy, try to be outgoing. If you are outgoing, don’t change and be shy. Stay the same.

Now I have some advice for everyone: if you see someone who you might think is new, talk to them. They might turn out to be your best friend. But if you don’t talk to them you will never know.

So moving isn’t all bad, but it definitely isn’t the best thing that will ever happen to you either. “


 Yeah, I can relate, fellow blogger! Thanks for letting me share your story!

Monday morning blues

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Today brought another visit to an employment agency and another round of assessments. I feel like I’m back in school again, taking test after test. I realize it’s all standard procedure for each agency. Anyone could state that she knows all of the latest computer programs. The tests prove the statement.

I completed most of the tests on line prior to the appointment, so there was only the normal paperwork and a company video to watch. Then the recruiter spent about five minutes with me, continuing to apologize throughout the meet and greet. It was Monday and they were busy and blah, blah, blah.

I’m losing my patience with this whole job hunt thing. There was a call from one of the first agencies I went to, and the recruiter said that she had a company who needed someone tomorrow. “I’m there” I said.

“You just made my day,” she responded. “I’ll get back to you.”

But lo and behold, don’t you know that she telephoned again while I was visiting the other agency and I missed her call? I called her back about thirty minutes after she left a voice message on my phone.

“The company went with someone else. It was a rushed thing,” she said.

So although I thought I’d be working tomorrow, it’s back to square one again. It’s frustrating as all get out to not know what’s going to happen each day. I try to tell myself to think positive. But it’s hard when the bills are coming and the money isn’t.

People say “one day you will look back on all of this and laugh.”

That might be true. Because if things keep going as they are, I’ll be laughing hysterically from the inside of a well padded cell, screaming obscenities to the orderlies who just brought me from shock therapy. For the second time that week.

And the roaches will be my friends.

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