No More Monsters!

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I’m excited to write about a product that is available to help parents dispel any fear of monsters with their children! The Monster Proof Paint concept was created and developed by a relative, so that makes it even more exciting to share with you.

I don’t know why, but for some reason the idea of monsters hiding in closets or lingering under beds has been around for a very long time. I know this, because as a child, I too wondered about their existence. And so, as most kids do, whenever the thoughts or dreams got the best of me, I would run to my parents’ room and jump into their bed. My Mom would never insist that I return to my room, but would let me fall asleep with them. Eventually my Dad would carry me back to my own bed, where I’d wake in the morning and seldom even remember that I’d run to them the night before.

Now my cousin’s daughter and son-in-law have three young children of their own.  On their website they wrote about their experience. They were “on the verge of a nervous breakdown, because their kids would not sleep through the night. Each night was the same thing over and over again, the kids got scared,” and would end up sleeping in their bed!

One morning while riding the train to work in a sleep deprived state, the idea of Monster Proof Paint was formed. Now it is being sold on Amazon and in several stores across the United States.

What is it, you ask? The unique kit includes a special color label to place on any paint can. This “transforms” ordinary paint into Monster Proof Paint. But that’s not all: included in the kit is the monster thwarting, non toxic, powder. As your children help you mix their own paint, they will feel involved in the process of getting rid of any monsters or creepy creatures that may be lurking in their room. The kit is completed by a beautifully illustrated storybook that you can read with your children, to explain the whole concept to them with words and pictures they will understand.

The whole idea is to paint your kid’s room and get rid of any fears of monsters forever!

Reviews of the Monster Proof Paint kit are coming in. You can read all about the product and the reviews on the MONSTER PROOF website (click on the highlighted text).

Check it out and order your kit today. Paint the kid’s room. Start enjoying full nights of uninterrupted sleep again! And then get ready, because before you know it, the teenage years will be here. What will my cousins think of to dispel the PARENT’S fears then? I can’t wait to find out!

If you missed the link above, check out the ad on the right side of this blog. It’s the ad right below the one for my novel, A Crime In Clancey, also available at Amazon!





A Day At The Beach After September 11, 2001

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Eleven years ago I wrote about a trip I took to the beaches of Long Island following the events of 09-11-01. At the time, we all wondered how we would face the days, months, and years following the terrorist attacks. Somehow we have made it, and our country still remains strong. Here is my story from all those years ago:

It should have been an ordinary Sunday. It started out that way, for about the first thirty seconds.Then I woke up. After last Tuesday’s horrific attack on our World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, I think it may be a long while before I have another “ordinary Sunday.”

Since Tuesday, I have been struggling with so many mixed emotions. Shock was the first reaction. I still cannot absorb the magnitude of the damage done by terrorists to our world. My mind simply can’t grab hold of the idea that thousands have perished as a result of an attack against us.

I was at work when I heard the news. I reached home that evening, and turned on the t.v. to see the total destruction of buildings that had been a symbol of our power and strength in my life. I fell to my knees and cried out to God: “How can this happen?”  I pleaded over and over again “God, please protect our country from further destruction.”  I shed tears, and I felt that He was crying too.

I heard the stories of my family and friend’s family members who were spared throughout the day. I felt relief, and yet grieved for those whose families were not as fortunate. It hurts. I’ve spent the last few days going back and forth with thoughts. On the one hand, I want to just sit and do nothing but watch the news, and try to absorb this disaster. On the other hand, I hear people saying to go on with life, and show the militants that
we will not be overcome by their actions.

So today, I took a ride to the beach. I put in a cd of the Beatles, and let John and Paul remind me of a time when America was different. As I drove over the first causeway on the Robert Moses Parkway, I saw a brilliant blue sky in front of me. Under the bridge was the water, a dark blue, and almost as clear as glass. I watched seagulls fly over the bay, waves cresting,and fish jumping. And I thanked God. I thanked Him for the beautiful site before me, as my eyes had been seeing so much ugliness in the last few days. I needed to see this water. I needed to know something wonderful was still there.

I drove on the Ocean Parkway, to Jones Beach. It seemed many people were doing the same thing today. We drove below the speed limit. No one passed, no one beeped their horns in frustration. We all just drove, and took in the view of the beaches that we’ve driven to many times before. But today, we all knew, was different.

When I saw the first lighthouse, I felt my spirits lifting. The lighthouses were still there, a symbol to myself and others, that even though some things were destroyed, there were things that still remained unharmed. I took pictures of the lighthouse today. I wanted something to remember this day.

I parked the car and walked under the parkway, to the Jones Beach boardwalk. It was quiet. Underneath the parkway, no kids were screaming, as they normally would, just to see if the sounds would echo. I’ve been known to yodel under there myself. But today, no one made a sound.

Many people were there. Wearing red, white, and blue t-shirts. Many carried flags, or some other symbol of our country. As I walked onto the boardwalk, I looked out to the sea. Again, I felt relief. I just needed to see that water. I needed to know that its life went on.

I saw the military ship, anchored out to the west. I took pictures of it. Some people said it was a carrier, others said it was a destroyer. I’m not sure what the ship was. I know it’s been on the news. Seeing it brought mixed emotions. At first, there was an uneasiness,
but then a sense of security, Knowing our military was there. We seemed protected at that moment.

Everyone was talking about the World Trade Center. Some were arguing, some were speculating, some were just expressing grief. I continued to walk. I took my sneakers off, and couldn’t wait to get my feet on the sand. It was like another symbol to me. As I felt that sand beneath my feet, I felt almost normal again. It was soothing. It was firm. It was real. It was what I knew.

I walked to the water, and felt the waves lightly pass over my feet. The bottoms of my jeans were soaked. I didn’t care. I walked, and thanked God once again. I thanked Him for restoring a sense of stability in me. The waves came in, and the water went out. Again and again. I listened to the sounds of the sea, over and over for several minutes.

A butterfly flew down and landed near my feet. It was a beautiful little thing. Perfectly shaped, and colored with vibrant orange and brown. It sat for thirty seconds or so, then flitted away. It was almost as if that butterfly was also landing on the sand, to take in it’s firmness and find peace in it’s grains.

I walked for quite a while today, letting the sea and sand, the sky and the earth, be a soothing balm for me. I was reminded of the words of the psalmist who wrote “How precious are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand; When I awake, I am still with You.” (psalm 139: 17–19)

And so today, I left the beach knowing that even through this horrific time in our lives, there is One who never leaves us. I am still with Him, and He is still with me. The waves still crash upon our shore, the seagulls still fly over the water. This land that I know, and this country that is my home, still stands.

Many have died this week. The pain that their families and friends are feeling is real, and it is staggering. People like you and I, who were just simply going to work on a Tuesday, are no longer with us. And now we are left with feelings and thoughts of anxiety, anguish, and grief. Yet we must continue to believe that in spite of it all, there is a God who loves us, and that He is still in control. His vengeance is now upon those who thought they could crush us with their act of terrorism. Those people are now experiencing a terror like none they had ever imagined. The righteousness of God prevails. No one can take that away.

Now we must be like the sea and the sand to those who are hurting. We must be the stability and the calmness that they need. We must help those whose lives have been terribly gripped by the World Trade Center and Pentagon incidents, and the crash in Pennsylvania. We must pray for those who were left behind. We must show them that our country still stands, and our “brotherly love” still exists. “In God We Trust” is stamped on our currency. May it also be stamped on our hearts.

I was humbled today to think that I was able to drive to the beach, walk on it, enjoy the wonders of God’s creation, and return home safely. This is a country that permits such freedom, and we must protect it. I hope that you have had a chance to experience this country today, as I have. If not, do it soon. Take a drive through the mountains and see their majesty. Go to the water, and look out as its vastness. Travel through the desert, and wonder about its enormity. Imagine the prairies, and the endless meadows of tall grass blowing in breezes of kind winds. Bring to mind the forests, and the tall trees that have stood there for years upon years. Remember the God who formed them.

Yes, much has been destroyed this week. But so much more remains. May we all find ways to deal with the feelings we have. May we be vessels of God’s love to others. May we be united, not just because we live in these United States, but because we are united in love, and in a faith that may bend, but will never be broken.

No, it was no ordinary day at the beach today. And it may be some time before any of us will truly have a “normal” day again. But I have hope, and I have faith that we will survive these trying times.With each other, and with our God, we will persevere, and we will stand.

May God Bless America, and may He bless you always.


Dentures and Baby Teeth.

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A little while ago my great nephew, Jayden, and I were talking. It was his 7th birthday, and we were having dinner and cake in my apartment, with his mom and big brother. I’ve posted about Jayden before. He was the little boy in Me and My Shadow blog. You can read that story HERE.

Jayden is growing up and still asks many questions. He is also still a very caring boy, and somewhat of a worrier. Last month, while discussing my impending trip to Louisiana, Jayden said “I don’t want you to go away.” It was very touching to hear this from him, even as I tried to reassure him that I would be fine travelling alone. It’s a good thing he isn’t old enough to read my blogs yet! Ha!

Anyway, after cake the other night, I was talking to my niece about my brother-in-law, George, and asking her to keep him in her prayers. He was going to have oral surgery soon, and I knew that he would be suffering with the pain. I was telling my niece that George would be having all of his teeth out, and would be getting dentures.

“What’s dentures?” Jayden asked.

Oh boy. There’s a question. How do I explain this to a 7 year old?

“Well, dentures are fake teeth,” I answered. “Uncle George will have them instead of his real teeth.”

“But, how will he eat?” Jayden wanted to know.

The look on his face as he asked me these questions was priceless. He was so worried about Uncle George and his losing his teeth! I tried my best to explain that Uncle George would be okay, and that the fake teeth would allow him to eat. But I am not sure that he understood. Now that the surgery is over and my brother-in-law has recovered enough to actually eat a little more than just soft foods, I am anxious for Jayden to see him. I wonder if the little boy has been worrying for all these few weeks now!

Thinking about Jayden and the dentures also triggers memories of his mom when she was very young. I was twelve years old when Jess was born. She was the first of my nieces and nephews, and therefore my parent’s first grandchild. Just the other day I was talking to a cousin about all of the “firsts” we experienced with Jess  when she was a little girl.

When Jess was about five years old, she lost her first tooth. No one had thought to tell her that the teeth she had were just “baby” teeth, and that they would eventually fall out. One day my mom and I were sitting in the kitchen when we heard an awful scream. We jumped up as, in to the room ran Jess, blood dripping from her mouth.

“What happened?” My mother yelled, as she ran over to her grand-baby. I was thinking that maybe she had fallen and cut her lip open. But we hadn’t heard a thud or any other noise to suggest a fall.

Jess wasn’t able to tell us, because she didn’t understand what had happened. But in a few seconds we realized that one of her baby teeth had come loose and fallen out.

“It’s okay,” my mom said, trying to sooth the little girl and look in her mouth at the same time. “You lost a tooth! Now the Tooth Fairy can come!”

I don’t know what scared Jess more: the thought of loosing a tooth or some mystical figure coming!

You would think that after that incident we would have remembered to explain all kinds of things to Jess before they happened, so that she would be prepared. But I think that life presents all sorts of challenges, and we are lucky if we remember to prepare ourselves for them, never mind trying to warn a child.

I wonder if Jayden was worried about his Uncle George because he has also lost teeth recently. Some removed by the dentist to make room for his permanent teeth. Since  Jayden also had oral surgery, perhaps his concern for his Uncle was warranted after all.

Oh, and his mother, Jess? Her teeth seem fine also. Apparently she got over losing her first tooth and any fears of the Tooth Fairy. As for me, my next dental appointment is scheduled for August. Hopefully there will be no oral surgeries in my near future!




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