It’s been some time since my last VLOG, so I thought I’d post one again. My “coffeetalk with windy”┬ávideos are meant to be funny, so I hope you find them humorous. In today’s┬áVLOG I discuss the saying that residents of the Berkshires seem to think they created: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”

I really hate to break it to the Berkshire-ites, but that term IS used in other areas of the country as well. But, for the purposes of my video, I only gave props to my homies.

In the second section I explain the definition of the word “wicked” as it is so predominantly used here in New England. We’ve even been known to say “that’s wicked wicked,” and expect others to understand the meaning without question.

So here’s my latest….I hope you like it!