I just have that face, I guess; the one that¬†expresses “tell me all of the intricate details of your life” kind of face. It seems that people tell me the most bizarre things sometimes. I wonder why, but haven’t found the answer to that question yet. This is my life, and it’s full of funny stories.

The other day I ordered my regular cup of coffee (2 Slenda, 3 cream and a shot of sugar free vanilla) at the local McDonald’s. There was a pause (as there usually is, while someone tries to put those requests into the computerized register) and then I hear “Oh, hell no.”

Or at least that’s what I thought I heard. I didn’t get upset at those words of exasperation, only because I’ve been through the order over a hundred times and know that it’s hard for some to get it right. Still, though, I thought it was kind of a rude statement to make to a customer. I assumed the order taker had thought her headset was off and that I wouldn’t hear her.

I drove up to the window to pay for the coffee and there was the order taker. I’ve seen her several times and she is always very pleasant.

She said to me “Did you hear me say ‘hello?”

Now I got it. What she said was “Oh, hello,” and NOT “oh, hell no”!

I was glad that I didn’t say anything to her like “that was rude” or anything!

As she took my money, I noticed that she was wearing those fingerless gloves that have become popular again. They were in a rainbow of color, almost like the old leg warmers I had as a kid (you know, the ones with the large stripes of different bold colors).

I didn’t say anything about the gloves, but as the worker handed me back my change she said “My sister gave these gloves to me for Christmas, and I love them!”

Now, how do you respond to that? There I was,¬† simply wanting to pay for my order and go, and this kind woman engages me in conversation about her Christmas present. Her ugly present, as far as I was concerned. And, coming from a background in food service, I also don’t think they are approved for wearing in a restaurant. But, who am I to criticize this woman’s choice of uniform? I am not her boss, right?

So I simply responded with something like “that’s nice,” then drove on to pick up my coffee and get out of there. And all the way home I was laughing.

Why do people pick me to talk to about such things as their gloves, and why did that woman feel the need to tell me they were a Christmas present from her sister?

I don’t know. But I do know that I had a good laugh about it. And that alone was worth the wait on the coffee. Which, of course, was not prepared the way that I ordered it to be. Maybe I should go back and when they ask to take my order I will state “hell no” and then drive up to the window and say “did you hear me say ‘hello’?”