It seems that the hustle for the holidays has kept me away from my blog for a while. I can’t believe it is almost the new year already! I’ve spent the last few weeks running errands after work, and each weekend in December was packed with events. But I made it through! Amidst all of the busyness, I did have moments of spiritual reflection. However, I will admit that some of those moments were pleas (even screams) of “God, help me!”

Work has been extremely hectic and taxing on my brain, so much so that I actually handed out envelopes with gift cards this Christmas, instead of spending hours wrapping gifts. My brain could simply not handle the tasks of gift wrapping this year.

During one shopping excursion to the local Walmart, I reached the end of my stress tolerance level. The aisles were so crowded that, at one point, I found myself in a line waiting to get down the aisle! You could not even get around the shopper’s cart in front of you. I was very agitated as I finally pushed through the mayhem and stood in line at the check out counter.

The cashier said to me “how are you?” and I went on a rant about the store and ended with “it’s crazy in here!”

The woman’s reaction was priceless. She didn’t let my anxiety pass on to her, but rather, she started humming a Christmas carol as she rang up my purchases! I did not say another word, but found myself humming the tune as I left the store.

And there it was. The true meaning of Christmas came to my mind, pushing past all of the other thoughts, and coming out of my mouth as a hum. Instantly the anxiety of the store left as I enjoyed a peaceful moment reflecting on Jesus and His birth.

And then I reached the parking lot and spent twenty minutes trying to navigate my way out of it!

But that’s how life goes, sometimes. There are peaceful moments, and hectic ones. Ups and downs, losses and wins. Yet I have a strong belief in the gift of our Savior. I believe in the glories of His righteousness, and that they are mine because of Him. The wonders of His love are too many to count. His peace surpasses all of my understanding and can reach me even through my stubborn thoughts about the crowds at Walmart!

And even through busy times of stress and numerous tasks, I found the reassurance to keep going this holiday season. It started with a cashier humming, and ended with moments of reflection and peace.

Joy to the world….let men (and cashiers) their songs employ!