In an effort to 1) save money and 2) be more organized, I’ve changed this site a little.
Did you notice?

I transferred the content from my other web site ( to this blog. I also
transferred the info I had posted about my novel.

All of this content can now be found at the top of this page, by clicking on the appropriate
tab or “button.” (For The Grieving and My Novel).

When you have some time, please check out those areas of the blog. I’d also like to make sure
that each area appears correctly on your computer screen. I’m not that great at the html coding, so I had to do
some guessing on how to structure everything. Be a good tester and let me know if the areas
of the site work!

I hope to make other changes to this site when I have the time to learn more about web site development.


p.s.–  Here are the direct links to the two sections:

For the Grieving


My Novel