When I left the hotel in Weedsport, I felt fairly refreshed. (sounds like a lyric to a Country song). I’d had a good night’s sleep on sheets that were pink (odd for a hotel, don’t you think?). I’d gassed up the car, had my morning cup of hotel coffee-maker coffee with the yucky non-dairy creamer in it, and I was ready to go.

It was a cold morning, but it turned into a beautifully sunny day. I took my time and enjoyed the views of the Fall foliage just beginning to make its debut on the trees of the Adirondack mountains. I stopped to visit with my sister in Pittsfield for a while before arriving at my final destination of this journey: Adams, MA

It felt good to be here. I know that there will be much work to do. And there was already much work to be done for my move in here. But with my niece, sister-in-law and other family members, we were able to clear out the bedroom, re-arrange furniture and get my belongings in the room. The unpacking and settling in will take more time, but I’m not stressed about that.

On the first morning here I awoke to the smell of freshly percolated coffee and Nonna had toasted a few slices of Italian bread. She told me to put the Ricotta cheese on top of it, and I enjoyed the breakfast with her. This morning it was my turn to start the coffee, and I even lit the fire in the wood stove for Nonna to “take the chill out of the air.” It was 50 degrees outside, not really chilly in my opinion, but Nonna likes the warmth.

Today we’ll pick some of the basil that Nonna grew and she’ll make more pesto (my niece Angela made about three quarts the other evening).

Nonna told me that she will fill ice trays with the pesto, and freeze them. After they are frozen, she’ll take out the “ice cubes” of pesto and place them in a zip lock baggie and keep them frozen. Then, when she needs to make only a few portions of the pesto with pasta, she’ll thaw and use one cube at a time. I thought that was a good idea to pass on to you. It’s a way to preserve and use the basil that grew all summer!

So now I’m going to get ready to help Nonna with some things around the house, then the plans for the restaurant will begin. It will be a challenging and exciting adventure and I’m looking forward to it!