Windysblog — The Courageous Hearts Section


This area of my blog was originally found on another of my web sites, ( I decided to end that web site and bring all of the blogs from there to here so that I could maintain one site for everything.

The other web site was originally designed  in order to acknowledge, encourage, and share life’s ups and downs with other courageous hearts who were going through some tough  situations. I believed  that God had lead me to create that site, so that I could share my thoughts on the grieving process and that together, perhaps we  would be able to sort out life’s complexities, and live our lives enriched and blessed by one another.

It was a wonderful site, and I met some on line friends as a result of the posts there. Now I’ve decided to let the domain name carry on to other courageous hearts in the universe.

Here is what I wrote about the site back in 2003:

“This site is a way for me to release my thoughts and achieve my own healing and growth. In doing so I am hoping that the information here will achieve those same goals for you. It is not my intent to offend any one person. The beliefs expressed here are mine, and I ask that you will respect my views, even if you don’t agree with them!

I believe that many people are hurting. Right now, many of you are going through trials, or are facing obstacles in your life that you never thought you would have to face. Perhaps you have hurts from your past that you cannot confront. I understand.

I believe that God gives people the grace and help that is needed to heal all wounds of the heart. I believe that people who are willing to ask for His help will receive it. It takes courage to admit that we have problems. It takes courage to ask for help. It takes courage to forge on and live, despite the circumstances. It takes a Courageous Heart. Thus, the name of the site.

This web site is dedicated to God, and to all the “Courageous Hearts” I know He will bless. My focus for this section  is on GRIEF. I will share much about what I am learning, and what I am going through. As you read the blogs, you will be going through the process with me. I value all input, and hope that you will share your thoughts about the subject with me in the Comment Section at the end of each post.

Grief is not one person’s problem. If one is grieving, there are others who are affected by that sadness. Whether you are the one who is actually grieving, or if you know of someone who is, I am hoping that what you find here will help you.”

You can read each post under the Blog Roll section located in the left margin of this page.

Read when you can, and may God bless you always,