Fly Like A Bird

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It has been a while since my last post to this blog. My day job has kept me from doing one of the things I love most, which is writing. But I won’t complain, because it’s the day job that also enables me to pay my bills!

Since returning from Louisiana, I’ve also been suffering from wicked allergies (that’s New England talk for really, really bad allergies). I’ve taken all sorts of anti-histamines, but the stuffy nose, watery eyes, and sneezing continues. It’s quite discouraging. In addition, it has been so windy out for over a week, that all of the pollen is just flying around all over the place.

I guess it’s just part of Spring. Aside from the allergic reaction that I seem to have to it, Spring is finally starting to break through from winter here. Yesterday I saw a very large Canadian goose fly over me. It was a very unique experience. I was walking into work when I heard the honking. Loud and deep was the sound, so I looked up to the sky to see what was making it.

The goose was one of the largest I’d ever seen. It’s wing span was so wide that I was drawn to watch, as the bird swept down low, then flew back up again. It was as if it was also enjoying the Spring day, using the wind to ride on. I continued to watch as the goose flew away, almost in an instant. It was traveling at high speeds on that wind. I’d never seen a bird fly that fast! It was such a beautiful sight to see.

Today I watched a robin. It amazes me how these birds don’t seem to be concerned that humans are around. They will almost come right up to me, and I wonder why that is so. In any case, this one particular robin was on its way to the mud puddle in the drive way. It hopped closer and closer, almost as if challenging me to scare it away. But I did no such thing. I figured if the bird needed a bath, or wanted to drink from that water, I was not going to discourage it.

As I watched, the robin finally jumped into the mud puddle and started flapping its wings. In a way, I almost felt as if I were invading its privacy. But the bird didn’t seem to care. It continued to bathe and have fun just flapping around in the puddle, as if confirming “spring is here!”

So with the large goose and the little robin, I too am trying to enjoy the change of season. I am grateful that winter is gone, and look forward to summer. If I were a bird, I would spread my wings like the goose and ride with wind, then flop around in a puddle in the warm sunshine.

But, since I’m not a bird, I guess I have to continue to take the anti-histamines and hope that summer comes quickly. I can’t wait.

Humming At Walmart, A Christmas Story

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It seems that the hustle for the holidays has kept me away from my blog for a while. I can’t believe it is almost the new year already! I’ve spent the last few weeks running errands after work, and each weekend in December was packed with events. But I made it through! Amidst all of the busyness, I did have moments of spiritual reflection. However, I will admit that some of those moments were pleas (even screams) of “God, help me!”

Work has been extremely hectic and taxing on my brain, so much so that I actually handed out envelopes with gift cards this Christmas, instead of spending hours wrapping gifts. My brain could simply not handle the tasks of gift wrapping this year.

During one shopping excursion to the local Walmart, I reached the end of my stress tolerance level. The aisles were so crowded that, at one point, I found myself in a line waiting to get down the aisle! You could not even get around the shopper’s cart in front of you. I was very agitated as I finally pushed through the mayhem and stood in line at the check out counter.

The cashier said to me “how are you?” and I went on a rant about the store and ended with “it’s crazy in here!”

The woman’s reaction was priceless. She didn’t let my anxiety pass on to her, but rather, she started humming a Christmas carol as she rang up my purchases! I did not say another word, but found myself humming the tune as I left the store.

And there it was. The true meaning of Christmas came to my mind, pushing past all of the other thoughts, and coming out of my mouth as a hum. Instantly the anxiety of the store left as I enjoyed a peaceful moment reflecting on Jesus and His birth.

And then I reached the parking lot and spent twenty minutes trying to navigate my way out of it!

But that’s how life goes, sometimes. There are peaceful moments, and hectic ones. Ups and downs, losses and wins. Yet I have a strong belief in the gift of our Savior. I believe in the glories of His righteousness, and that they are mine because of Him. The wonders of His love are too many to count. His peace surpasses all of my understanding and can reach me even through my stubborn thoughts about the crowds at Walmart!

And even through busy times of stress and numerous tasks, I found the reassurance to keep going this holiday season. It started with a cashier humming, and ended with moments of reflection and peace.

Joy to the world….let men (and cashiers) their songs employ!





Massachusetts, Here I Am!

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When I left the hotel in Weedsport, I felt fairly refreshed. (sounds like a lyric to a Country song). I’d had a good night’s sleep on sheets that were pink (odd for a hotel, don’t you think?). I’d gassed up the car, had my morning cup of hotel coffee-maker coffee with the yucky non-dairy creamer in it, and I was ready to go.

It was a cold morning, but it turned into a beautifully sunny day. I took my time and enjoyed the views of the Fall foliage just beginning to make its debut on the trees of the Adirondack mountains. I stopped to visit with my sister in Pittsfield for a while before arriving at my final destination of this journey: Adams, MA

It felt good to be here. I know that there will be much work to do. And there was already much work to be done for my move in here. But with my niece, sister-in-law and other family members, we were able to clear out the bedroom, re-arrange furniture and get my belongings in the room. The unpacking and settling in will take more time, but I’m not stressed about that.

On the first morning here I awoke to the smell of freshly percolated coffee and Nonna had toasted a few slices of Italian bread. She told me to put the Ricotta cheese on top of it, and I enjoyed the breakfast with her. This morning it was my turn to start the coffee, and I even lit the fire in the wood stove for Nonna to “take the chill out of the air.” It was 50 degrees outside, not really chilly in my opinion, but Nonna likes the warmth.

Today we’ll pick some of the basil that Nonna grew and she’ll make more pesto (my niece Angela made about three quarts the other evening).

Nonna told me that she will fill ice trays with the pesto, and freeze them. After they are frozen, she’ll take out the “ice cubes” of pesto and place them in a zip lock baggie and keep them frozen. Then, when she needs to make only a few portions of the pesto with pasta, she’ll thaw and use one cube at a time. I thought that was a good idea to pass on to you. It’s a way to preserve and use the basil that grew all summer!

So now I’m going to get ready to help Nonna with some things around the house, then the plans for the restaurant will begin. It will be a challenging and exciting adventure and I’m looking forward to it!

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