After six years my crime and suspense novel has finally been published! It was a tough decision for me, whether to continue to follow the traditional publishing route, or to go ahead and join the multitude of authors who are self-publishing with Amazon. But after extensive research and some soul searching, I decided to jump on the e-book river and ride the stream into the ocean of millions of authors who publish on-line only. Also, I recently was given a gift of a Kindle Fire, and wanted to read my own works on it!

The story is quite different from my blog, so dedicated readers here may be a little shocked. But still, I believe you will enjoy it. Everyone has a dark side, right? This story travels over there, but only so far as needed to get the point across: in this world, there are some crazy people.

I didn’t want to write just another crime novel. I wanted colorful characters that would help the reader enjoy what is not usually an enjoyable subject. So the story is more about the people trying to solve the mystery, rather than the crime itself.  Just as with life, the novel contains both humor and sadness. I know that you will enjoy the read.

After deciding to publish as an e-book, the next challenge I faced was determining the sale price. I wanted to make the book affordable for everyone. But, there’s always the chance of under pricing. Most novels sell for around $ 7.99. So I could have put that price, and earned a much larger profit for each sale. The only problem with that is that I would be limiting my readership, and I didn’t want to do that.

Finally I came up with a price of $ 3.99 for the e-book. It’s less than the standard price, and I am okay with that.  Although perhaps risking the perceived credibility that goes along with higher priced books, I can now easily market the book as costing less than a cup of flavored coffee at Starbucks. And I can reach a much broader audience while still making a small profit. For me, that’s the most important part.

So where can you get the book? Here’s the link:

Take some time to read it. The e-book is set up to work with Kindles, but you can download the free Kindle App by clicking HERE.     Once you download an App, you can read the book on computers and devices such as phones and tablets.

So go ahead and get my book! It’s a quick read, and I know that you will enjoy it.

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Happy reading!