Apparently I still have that face. The one I’ve blogged about before (you can read it HERE). Despite my efforts to remain stoic and not make eye contact,  people just seem to see me and start telling me the most bizarre stories or intimate details of their lives, The other evening I stopped at a convenience store to buy milk. The cashier was taking a few moments to give me my change. Then she went on to tell me that she is depressed and that her mother told her that she looks bad and is gaining weight.

It was cold out that night, and I was thinking “Lady, I just want to buy the milk and get home already!” But I didn’t say anything as she continued to go on with her story. As she handed me the change she reached for a candy bar and proceeded to eat it as I walked out the door. Very bizarre.

This morning I had to go have blood drawn for a test. As I drove to the appointment I was thinking that the woman who takes the blood may not be quite awake yet. I was the first scheduled patient of the day. But as I entered the lab, I saw that she was standing in the hallway talking to a group of coworkers, so I figured that she was awake enough for the task.

She walked into the lab and said “I’m so mad. We just got a cost of living raise and now my check is $ 19 less than it was before!”

She wrapped that rubber tourniquet around my arm.

“That’s the 2% FICA increase,” I told her.

“I come in here every day and work hard,” she said. “We get one raise a year and now I have less money.”

She stuck the needle in my arm.

She mentioned that her parents were able to have a house, two cars and yearly vacations all the while making half as much money as we do now.

“It was the same for my parents,” I said.

“It’s so disheartening! It makes me wonder if it’s worth it to even work here.” She capped off the vial and attached another to the needle.

Now I am thinking “How many vials of blood was that? Two? Three?” I hoped she was keeping track because I was trying to keep her calm!

I had mentioned that I get paid on Friday. As I left I said to her “Well, I am glad that you were here today.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that,” she responded.

“See? It’s not all about the money sometimes,” I told her.

“Let me know how you feel about that on Friday,” she said.

It’s been several hours since my visit to the lab and I realize that my arm is a little bruised.

So I’ve now decided that I should no longer get blood drawn early in the morning, and never right after a tax increase.