Now that I’ve been losing weight again, I thought it was time to go through my closet and see if I could find anything interesting to wear to work. I was a little excited to discover that I could fit into a skirt that I hadn’t worn in quite a while. But the material is a little clingy, so I figured I would wear a slip under it and I would be okay.

But with all of my moving over the last few years, I soon realized that none of my slips were anywhere to be found. I checked each of the three bins that I have stored clothes in, but none of them contained a slip. I really don’t know why I would have thrown any of them out, when I had several, but I guess I did.

So off to the store I went. I happened to be near a Macys, so that was where I intended to find a large selection of different size slips to choose from, and before I even entered the store I was trying to decide what length I needed. The skirt I wanted to wear is long, but has slits on the side. So I knew that I couldn’t get a very long slip or else it would show. But I didn’t want a slip that was too short, because then it wouldn’t help stop the “cling”.

I browsed through the lingerie area of Macys, but didn’t see any slips. Not one. So I walked over to the cashier stand to ask the clerk. There was one person being waited on, an elderly woman who was chatting with the clerk as her purchases were rung up. I then realized that the clerk was also up in years. Ten minutes later, after a “you saved over $ 40 your purchases today, you should be so happy!”, the customer slowly lifted her bags and walked away.

I stepped up to the desk and asked the clerk if there were any slips in the store.

“Oh, no,” she said “we haven’t sold slips here in years.”

What? Surely I misheard her. This was Macys. Didn’t they sell everything?

“It’s a shame, really,” the clerk continued. “My advice to you would be to go to Joann Fabrics, buy some material and a pattern, and make one.”

Huh? Lady, are you kidding me? Make one? I don’t even have a sewing machine and the last time I made anything with a pattern it was a latch hook rug in the 1980’s!

So off I went to anther store, in pursuit of slips. I tried to think of stores that had large undergarment sections, and headed over to TJ Maxx because they were in the area. Not one slip in the whole store there, either.

This pursuit of a slip had now become a quest. And as I went from store to store, I had to question: am I so out of touch with the fashion world that slips are things of the past?

I will be the first to admit that no one would ever call me a Fashionista. I know that I have no idea of what is “in,” these days. So I decided to take a look at the dresses and skirts on the racks in the stores. Most of the dresses that I saw were not lined. So I have to wonder what women are wearing under them, or if they just don’t care?

The next day I searched on line, and finally found slips at Sears. I called them first and the clerk who answered the phone told me that they “have a couple” in the store. I jumped into the car and rushed over. Maybe there would be others in search of slips too, and I might not be able to secure the size I need!

But, alas, as I reached the department I realized no one else was searching for a slip. I was the lone slip shopper and felt a little elated that I had the pick of the inventory. That feeling soon diminished as I discovered the selection of slips was restricted to 32 or 24 inch slips. Since my 5’2 height would be too short for the 32 inch slip, I had one size to choose from.

Still, I grabbed that slip like it was a unique find, and headed over to the cashier. On the way I decided that I needed some stockings. As I was choosing a pair I wondered “do women even wears these anymore?”

Today I wore the skirt, complete with the slip and stockings. I did get compliments on the outfit, so I was happy that I kept up the slip pursuit. But only three hours into the day and I had a run in the $ 8 pair of stockings.

Now, as I sit here, back in my jeans and writing this blog, I wonder: do they still sell latch hook rug patterns?