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A Crime In Clancey


“A Crime in Clancey,”  is a novel of suspense.


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The story:

Allissa’s entire life savings has been stolen, her credit ruined, and her car was re-possessed. Now she wakes to find herself bound tightly to a bed and she realizes those things were not coincidences. She’s been abducted and she knows the person who did this to her.Jack Finnegan, an old family friend, is Clancey’s resident detective. As he searches for Allissa, Jack realizes that he may also be searching for the love of his life.

But Allissa Benton was not a random victim. Her abductor had a plan and he was going to see that plan completed. Every detail had been documented. Every task had been meticulously fulfilled. Allissa Benton would be punished, of that he was certain. His journal would be the lasting testimony of her demise, and he couldn’t wait to complete it.

“A Crime in Clancey”  is more than just an account of one incident. The lives of Allissa’s co-workers, friends, and family members are told as the search for her continues. Their individual stories bring both laughter and tears to the sentimental reader.This spring, as Mr. Hines taps the maple trees along Main Street, chaos and tragedy arrive in the small New England town.

Can the people of Clancey come together and save one of their own before it is too late?

Find out what happens in “A Crime In Clancey”.